The jaquimas, curb straps and bosals help in the training of unique horses. We have collected knowledge though generations of Colombian breeders and trainers that, by the means of daily experience created exceptional pieces of work for your Paso Fino horse.
JAQUIMAS DE COLOMBIA is an organization providing high quality tools required to attain the brio, the docility, and the spirit that involves the PASO FINO gait.
3 headstall options
headset / Testeras 
Headstalls - Testeras. A Colombia jaquima for training  have many advantage . Is it to correct the proper headset and bring out best on your  Paso Fino Horse
 Legitimate rawhride
Curb straps / barbadas
Curb straps - Barbadas. There are many different Colombian barbadas to choose from for different training purposes and many used to correct the headset  on your horse.
9 models of curb straps
9 models of bosals
Bosales / bosals
Colombia is considerate the country which produced the “true” Paso Fino and we produce the tools required for his training
Contact and Sales 
Miguel Fernández 
Phone (57) (1)  4 35 47 92  
Fax (57) (1) 2 68 12 84 
Calle 22 d # 19 - 36 (401)
Bogotá - Colombia